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Little Things to Make it Through: Pt 1

It's been a while, huh? I've done a lot of self reflecting lately and have decided to take a break from delving so deep into my personal life and those in it because it's been made pretty clear that I have no idea what I'm doing. If you're just here for the tea on my life, I apologize. I promise we'll get back to that soon enough.

The past two months of life have pretty much blown up in my face, so I think it's time to focus on some more important 'little' things for the time being. This will be the beginning of a new series: The Little Things to Make it Through. Let's start with something I've been researching a lot lately - The Common Morning Habits of High Performers.

Being a dangerously bad procrastinator myself, these are some small steps that I've taken to better the quality of day-to-day life. Please remember: Every day is different and you are NOT expected to feel the same energy levels each day. Don't be too hard on yourself for missing a day and/or not being perfect because 'perfect' literally doesn't exist. You certainly don't need to take up all of these habits, but I think it's important to have a certain level of structure. I have personally been working remote for over a year now (hi Covid), and can honestly say it's had a serious impact on my mental health. Whether that's having a mental breakdown to my boss via Zoom or just losing the motivation to leave my house for simple errands. While we step back and acknowledge that the world we live in has changed a LOT over the past year, it's time to make some changes to adjust with it. No matter what your current situation or state of mind is, let's get into some of the steps you can take to make a positive change for yourself.

1. Practice Silence

Whether you're the type of person to meditate regularly or not, making the time to sit with your own thoughts each day is crucial. Kinda terrifying, I know. I struggle with anxiety, so I'm fully aware that your own mind can be a cruel place. I'm the type to fall asleep at night watching a comfort show or movie to prevent the thoughts that keep me up at night, but that's definitely not the way to cope - it's a distraction.

When you wake up you should quickly set an intention for yourself (i.e. what do I need to accomplish today?). You know how we have some our best ideas in the shower? It's because that is a time when our brains are not consciously trying to think, instead our thoughts flow freely. That's what we're going for with these times of silence. Tap into your genius subconscious. Let yourself sit with your own thoughts, NO technology, for at least 10 minutes every morning. Ok... you can start with 5 if needed, but do set a timer to hold yourself accountable. Stay relaxed, but be attentive with this thinking. You'll be amazed at how much this can impact your mindset for the day and how it can prevent dissociation from the world around you.

. 2. Use Visualization to Motivate

Following closely with the previous step, visualization is one of the largest common denominators of successful people. Same concept as creating a vision board for yourself, or sitting down to manifest your goals. This is just a simple way that you can accomplish more and set intentions for each day. An example that I heard Pete Mockaitis share, an award-winning trainer, podcast host, and Trainer-in-Chief at How to be Awesome at Your Job, was to imagine yourself going on a run. Few of us wake up first thing in the morning and think "wow, I really want to go on a run right now". However, just visualizing yourself in the act of running and the results that you'll see and feel afterwards will provide the motivation you need to get it done.

That may have been a horrible example to share considering I am NOT a runner myself. If you are though, my god, more power to you. Instead, I choose to visualize things like my at-home workouts. I definitely don't have the motivation that gym rats do to show up every day and power through an intense two-hour workout. But I do want the same results. To make sure I'm accomplishing just that, I visualize the body that I want and the boost in confidence that I will feel from working for it. Not only does this visualization motivate you to get up and do the damn thing, but it establishes a healthy relationship between your goals and the work involved in achieving them - rather than dreading just that.

Leading perfectly into our next step...

3. Morning Exercise

Scientifically speaking, 60 seconds of activity in the morning has endless benefits to your physical and mental health. To keep this step short and sweet, just dedicate 1 minute of your morning routine to 60 jumping jacks, 60 high-knees, or anything of that sort. This quick activity is proven to boost your focus, energy and mood, all leading to greater productivity for the day. It's also known to encourage healthier food choices, lower blood pressure and even speed up a person's metabolism - improving calorie-burning throughout the day. This one is literally easy as can be, just do it.


Since this is part one of our new series, I'll save the remaining morning habits of high performers for later. But I do want to leave you with one final thing... which is the most important of them all.

Please don't forget to be at peace with where you are every day. You will never get this time back, and the worst way to waste it is by constantly waiting for the future to come. If you don't already, you need to make it a priority to appreciate the journey of getting where you want to go and respect the imperfections of life as it is right now.

I love you, and am so proud of how far you've come. The best thing you can do now is continue growing for yourself and for your own happiness - not for others'.


If you made it to the bottom of this post, please feel free to give the new Instagram page a follow @findingyouroomph too. There are crazy exciting products in the making (eeek) so stay tuned on those. I'll also start sharing when new posts are live, collect your feedback on what you guys want to hear next, and continue to share motivational posts for becoming the best version of yourself. It's time to find your oomph, baby! Happy weekend lovebirds.

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